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20 novembre 2000 1 20 /11 /novembre /2000 00:00
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With the intense growth of e-business, we hear about an increase in hacking and technology-based criminal incidents. Institutions such as Citibank and Ebay have faced intrusions that have cost them millions of dollars in damages. With the onset of these criminal attacks, there is an increase in demand for products and services that provide more information for people. Tangled Web : Tales of Digital Crime from the Shadows of Cyberspace portrays the shadow side of cyberspace by taking you into the lairs of hackers, crackers, researchers, private investigators, law enforcement agents and intelligence officers. The book covers what kinds of cyber-crimes are going to affect business on the Internet, their cost, how they are investigated, and the motivation of hackers and virus writers. Also covered are the problems faced by law enforcement, corporate cyber security professionals, and real-world examples of cyber crimes and lessons learned.

Richard Power is Editorial Director at the Computer Security Institute (CSI) in San Francisco. He is a valued advisor to Fortune 1,000 corporations and government agencies throughout the world, working with executive management and information security practitioners. Power is widely and extensively quoted in mainstream print and broadcast news media.

Tangled Web : Tales of Digital Crime from the Shadows of Cyberspace,
de Richard Power, Editions Pearsons education, 2000.

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